an extra hour you can have back

Take this expression

You can have it. I won’t use it

Forgive my indiscretion but there was that one moment

When I said what was very very true; and finally you heard it

It became the leaves on that tree. Stretching time I was all there all at once

And I am seldom all here all at once

I leave half of me in the dirt and the better half in the sky

.this quarter incarnation I am naming with your name in it

.is it enough to always be believed in?

or enough to always be sung of?

I will perform. And what I will dance is my heart. And what I will speak is the corded murmerings of the earth deep within

.a place we have never seen, yet it rushes

Like blood through our ears

Author: K L

Just having a human experience like everyone else.

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