We speak of certainty
As if they are measures you can meet
Containers to pour your life into
And from

Would it be better to imagine them
The imaginings they are?
Construct them with our thoughts
And know the god we make ourselves?

And then enslave ourselves to?

We will allow for any peace except presence
and we will draft any certainty except choice

freedom from-

I was clothes tight. Always escaping
Now I am shroud in the universe
No burial clothes delaying-
my every preconception

[Each passage slipping into my mouth
Lifting back to my tongue again
Then spoken

Always this same path
No living tree labrynth
The other type
With dead ends]

I have found my garden sword
And cut every one of them open

I had a personality intent on me
Already drawn up
Already having mysterious ways

I am not seeking anymore
I’m not knocking

I find my Christ a mystery
And nothing to forgive

The bright light of soon

(written by my 6 year old son)

The light is bright
The smooth is night
The moon comes up for some sleep
It is the bright light that doesn’t count
It is more likely the moon that counts

It makes it bright but you’re getting tired of the bright
You just wanted sleep
So the moon comes in for more days

So it makes it feel like normal day
Because people don’t notice when rays are bright

So it makes the moon more happier for a job
That doesn’t break

So people need to have some tiredness
Because they need to have more energy than
For just one day

It makes the world more happier
It feels like a normal thing
But it’s not normal
It’s actually from God
So we are happier
Because the more sleep we get
The more energy we get

The world gives us night for good
Not because people don’t want light
It’s like drinking a glass of water
And it’s too hot
So you add some cold
Then it is night
So it’s just right
So that’s night
And then it’s too cold
And the sun is up

It turns away
And turns down it’s warm

It’s beautiful in ways you never saw before

So it makes it bright in the ways of light
So now you know the ways of night
Even though astronauts found out the moon is bumpy
The night is still smooth

Even though you know monsters don’t exist
It still helps you to sleep

The Smooth as Beautiful

by my 6 year old son

It’s beautiful in waves
But never smoothes
If it doesn’t smooth it still is beautiful
It loves you in your heart
But it still doesn’t smooth
It’s beautiful in waves
But it still doesn’t smooth so it still it is beautiful
If you quickly quacky do
You will feel like you are beautiful in waves
Being beautiful in waves
It’s beautiful in your heart
It doesn’t need to be smooth
It’s beautiful in your heart
It’s inside that’s beautiful in waves
It’s beautiful in days

alchemy, a voice

I put it on
Like a shroud
I am going to break open in this;

– fling my night to the world
Paint this dark on the oceans
Drip the stars into the sea

I am going to burn with each
Feather turning
As I spiral to the clouds

.and I spark with all your feelings
Oh my children
Vast humanity
Holding out my arms this space:
It is the sky.
It is your voice it is your life

Speck of diamond. Corner of the universe

Hear me speak your stories

Allow me this pleasure,
As I scatter & come together

Allow me this pleasure,

as I render your pain

Well. Now.

You share your opinion on Facebook
It’s so important
That we do what you think we should

Well I unfollowed you months ago
You’ll have to say it to my face

But you won’t

And if you did I would look at you and nod
Because you’re speaking
And your mouth is making noises that
Erupt the fear in your soul

You see:

I am washed by clouds you’ve never heard of

I don’t need your rain

For so long I mouldered in the prison of
Other people’s opinions


Now I would rather burn in the flames of my own heresy

Personality Test

I scatter myself on this sea
an almost glass
a seeming solid surface
pulling back and forth
a dream of the moon

When I am not so many pieces
I gather myself so much more deeply
And I know all the colour’s shadows
The reds and oranges
Aubergine vermillion

Sinking into the green blue

Now I have this catching in my throat

when I was very young and on this shore
And my heart jumped all the way to
Those sunset clouds that were catching on the islands

And suddenly I knew who I was

And it wasn’t a person
It was a point

A few centimeters across
The line of the water
Where the ocean touches sky
That space is me
That width is all of who I am

every happening

This line I draw on you is sharp
And this turning down the corners of your
-a breath
And when your look is a loud sky:

I cover your quiet
the clover grows thick here where I am a haze
I reveal in this humour
That we would take life so soundly
And hold it so firmly

Until it pulls apart
Like the threaded clouds high
Above this blue sky
(us including)


You are dear. You are a fragile dream
I am holding open with my hands
I stretch my fingertips down your skin

You make this memory a becoming
I have seen your hands and heart
I grasp
And I am greedy for your breath

Every glance and desire I close
In my fist
I push in my mouth
I work you between my teeth
I swallow whole your density
And like a galaxy
You engulf me


a speckle. sparkle
Cascading. I am a whisper in these threads
Pulled taught
A dream forgotten with the morning gasp
I awaken heard

And self is a mystery I have begun