this is also well

I can breathe but my breath is a facsimile

This mask is a mirror and my heart is photosynthesis…

like a hazelnut

I am holding too. Only my grasp on life is stronger and more bitter and more wanting and more strife

And I am all that isn’t peace.


and I am all that isn’t joy.


and I am all that was always love.but it is dark.and I am cold.and I can only see the root of the root

There are those standing with me who knew the million mouths of the tree and sang in the chains like the sea

And I am wanting to be this one. To stop quoting wildly and be this one.

Among the ones. Who saw the thing and said


.only I did see it. When I wasn’t me. When I wasn’t I.

But there are no words and I have left my frame of reference and though


to carry god with me I can hardly fit her into my backpack

She is always escaping.

Author: K L

Just having a human experience like everyone else.

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