“If you are on the fence
You’ve already picked a side”

“I own the fence” -the devil
: lines from a play

-from when I was young

I’m on the devil’s side now,
I suppose,

“If you will not fight with us
You are clearly against us”

So I am. And lukewarm

Spit me out then
I don’t like your mouth

“If you won’t be OUTSPOKEN
About this
You’re with them”

“If you don’t do this thing
You’re with THEM”

“You’re a part of this
It’s us
Versus them”

“You can’t sit this one out
Fence sitter
Devil’s team
Tell us straight

Who’s side are you on?”

This is all a bunch of noise
It’s all a bunch of words
Sure I hear it
But I also hear the rain

I think I’ll go make tea now.

Author: K L

Just having a human experience like everyone else.

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