A new mantra to implant
In your subconscious
A fix
For your broken

But what break is this?
That you perceive
yourself as not whole?

It is the setting of a bone
This joy is
New thing

To be placed upon
The wound
You feel
You are

No new ideas spell
You bright
Save ones as far
As the
First fling of light
The first
Drawn breath
Of galaxies
That spun you out
Into being

It isn’t as if you’re adding
Love. Acceptance. Abundance

There is no addition

Just a cloth on a mirror
A closing of a cut
A cupboard you forgot
You were


There is no planting
Only the tearing out of weeds
These words
These mantras
Are merely
Field guides

To remind you
All those other words
Those were never you

Author: K L

Just having a human experience like everyone else.

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