social media gods

I invite you in this peace
My space
without words I scroll on a screen

Inviting your chaos in

Accepting your judgement
Allowing your fear to find purchase in the soil
-of my own fears

And I am becoming what I see and read

You expect my participation in your
CEASELESS sharing. Your constant “news”
Your fabled caring

I am not a vessel for this chaos

But I open wide my mouth to drink it

Worse yet
I invite you into my head
With your accusations your accumulations
Of belief
And importance

I carry them heavy as if they were my own

They are not

But I make them so

Why do I accept this constant ENDLESS

Dressed up as righteousness
Clothed in condensation
Pretend caring

all of it all of it: I know are: cries for help
so I am listening. I know what it is to be afraid

Let me redraw the lines now
Restate the terms

I am gathering in
Closing off
I am not listening to you anymore

My entire life this vigilance of looking out
And doing right
And being proper
Being safe

How have I forgotten? Or did I never know?

There is a voice in me
To her alone I’ll listen
No apologies

Author: K L

Just having a human experience like everyone else.

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