A place

I am not a center

Half a whole
A figment.

I am not a martian. Finding this seperate self an illusion. I am not a monster.

I am not a martyr hanging all time upon my back and shoulders

But look I am the moon I am the sky I am the ever wending stars. I am a lifetime. I am a lie. I am a sighing afternoon that I won’t look at

Look at me I have no features. I am an impression left by your hand. I am an obsession eased in my mind

I am your sister I am your foe. I am your father your aunt your best friend. I am a picture never hung and a shadow in the full sun

So make me a tea cup and place me in the cupboard. I will find dust there. And every story a lie.

Author: K L

Just having a human experience like everyone else.

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