Pixel Rectangular Window

Is it so wrong
To drink tea
And be in a kitchen
Look at shelves
See a stove
At honey bees
The windows?

So wrong to know
Floor, as a thing?
To hear the refrigerator
Drumming with this

To not be
Captivated by social media
To not be
Of the news
To be blissfully soundlessly

Is it?

So wrong
For it not to matter
If the standard I
Deepen in my life
Knows another’s
All other’s ?

Is it?

To cry if I have tears
Or shop if I have time
To feel sun
As I walk outside

All the while
With no idea
What’s trending

It is as if I have taken
Scissors and sliced myself
Out of this decade
Pasted myself
To 2000 and 1
Drawn myself over
Inked in
That time

When I didn’t even
have internet
Because not everyone did/

And phones could only call
Not type words on
Not post words on
Objecting to the
Use of
while using it

I type and run away.
I don’t care the likes
Fictious reality
I already have
My one reality

In my kitchen
With the sun patch
And the clouds
Moving accross

Author: K L

Just having a human experience like everyone else.

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