Two Trees

I can only do the thing I am
To do another
Is too much

“You say I am weak,
A tree grown crooked
A broken thing

But look!
I am still blooming!”

But no, you still say:

“Be tall like me!
Straight and standing!
I carry this whole treefort
All this wood
I hold
I shelter!

You simply bend
Trail your leaves in the water
Over the lake,
Look picturesque
And nothing else
You’re weak
And selfish!”

I look into the water
I try to straighten my leaves
My bows
My trunk

“But you are right
I am crooked
As a sapling there were strong winds
And harsh rains
And boulders
That pushed me here

I will never hold a treefort
I will never be a wind break
I can never produce
Strong and straight
Unknotted wood”

But there is shade by this lake here
And I still bloom in spring
And people can still sit by me
And wonder

At the beauty

of what will bend,
and even

Author: K L

Just having a human experience like everyone else.

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