untitled 1

Don’t mind me
I’ll have none of this
To exist
To not exist
To live and not live

This life. And afterlife. This forever
And this finite

I will have this
And none of this

I won’t have it
And must keep it

I resist my resistance
And resist my acceptance

I walk no line
Even this fine line
I have always been
“I’m not playing!”
Stomping my feet
Going inside
And refusing

Because I hate the sharp and love it so
Want the pain
And it to go

Let me take it all and fold it up
Type upon a screen
Swallow all the gold spheres
And paint out every dream

If I can dance this sideways dance
And be the heart right here
The love that sees and still creates

Than I can live this life
This life I cannot live

Author: K L

Just having a human experience like everyone else.

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