Poem for a daughter

I am so glad you are my daughter
I say
I am so thankful for you
I love you more than the universe

“I know, I’m awesome” you reply

Awesome is such a fleeting word
So paper thin and insufficient
It speaks of excellence, triumph, and

But I don’t love your for your excellence
Your awesomeness to me is a given
A small spark that does not even come close
To expressing the bonfire of your being

The way your smile draws your eyes into
Shinning moons
And the star of a freckle on your cheek
Contains your singularity,
My sweet child

I love you not because of your excellence
But because of your youness
It has nothing to do with being good
Because I love you no less when you’re bad

Your fierce fury
Your bright passion
You are art my dear, a masterpiece
Those scribbled papers your place your soul on
I see them
In my own heart
And in every single one,
I delight

Your small hands. Your stomping feet
Your hair which streams like a nebula
Full of the wild storm you are

No. No, you are not awesome
You are an ocean at night
The waves sweeping high
The sea all alight
The stars falling hard

You are a bridge to the unseen
And you create patterns in the sand
That show me

Something wild, something deep,
Something true

Awesome is disengenuine, my love
I would never call you that

Unless you mean awesome like a glaciar
A mountain in the sky

Then that you are my child

You are the universe speaking back to me
Words I have forgotten
So perhaps you have picked the best one

Awesome like eternity,
The night sky
And the stars, every one

Author: K L

Just having a human experience like everyone else.

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