The Loss of Self

Only what is eternal is real
“I am not real”

But I grow more real every day!
All that isn’t me
-falling away
Until every bright thing will attach
To the eternal I am
And my voice will join a chorus

So this drama I inhabit, is a play-
And when I am the hero,
I am Christ in fancy dress,
And when I am a villain,
I am an illusion that I’ll miss-?
My half truths
My misrepresentations
My seeming false
And pretence

These enjoyable foibles
I distract with?
Will I miss this half-hearted symphony
I am directing?

Or will the pieces
With the spark of infinity
Coalesce in such a way
That I recognize them as me?

And it won’t seem such a loss
To shed this part
Forsake this self
Lose this “I”
(I am SO invested in)

It will be a gradual thing.
[as the anger that seemed to be me -once

is a farce,

And then I will know
(as I’m known)
I’ll know-

My Eternity-

-as a gold thread,
that wove her way
the story of my life;
I will recognize the Christ-
In me
-I am &
I will speak with God’s lips
and I will cry with her hands

Author: K L

Just having a human experience like everyone else.

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