Sky Mother

I am the sky mother
I have made myself everything
And then I made myself small
To look at it all

I have made myself less
To be held by it
I have made myself soft
To be pressed by it
Light to be washed by my waves

And I am heavy to be hugged by my earth
And empty to be filled with her fields
I am aging to become one with her soil

Sighted to see all her stars
Facing forward to be surprised by her dawn
A child to be held near the breast
And a mother to hold her my child

Wife to be favoured by one
Friend to know I belong
Frightened to find I am brave
Alive to know I’ll be gone

Timed to see there is an end
And tears to taste my own love

“Universe I am your friend

I am your dance
And I am your song
I give birth to you in me,
And kiss your eyes closed with my sleep”

Author: K L

Just having a human experience like everyone else.

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