(A guest house indeed)

I thank you for this day
This crowd of sorrows
This rain

I am empty
And it is full
All this chasing. Let me bow

You can’t have me
You can have me

What is of me that you wish to:

Is yours already

So take it. I lay it. An animated corpse
At your feet

I want to give you a name:

But that name would just become
-my name
Hang itself in my entryway
Drape itself accross my shoulders

We wear all our accusations

So. I collapse here. Fold the self
That pretends to be me in a pile
And place it on the floor beside the self
I imagine you to be

My accusers. My defenders. My enemy.

I fold these empty costumes
Knowing that-
-they both are mine

Author: K L

Just having a human experience like everyone else.

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