The bright light of soon

(written by my 6 year old son)

The light is bright
The smooth is night
The moon comes up for some sleep
It is the bright light that doesn’t count
It is more likely the moon that counts

It makes it bright but you’re getting tired of the bright
You just wanted sleep
So the moon comes in for more days

So it makes it feel like normal day
Because people don’t notice when rays are bright

So it makes the moon more happier for a job
That doesn’t break

So people need to have some tiredness
Because they need to have more energy than
For just one day

It makes the world more happier
It feels like a normal thing
But it’s not normal
It’s actually from God
So we are happier
Because the more sleep we get
The more energy we get

The world gives us night for good
Not because people don’t want light
It’s like drinking a glass of water
And it’s too hot
So you add some cold
Then it is night
So it’s just right
So that’s night
And then it’s too cold
And the sun is up

It turns away
And turns down it’s warm

It’s beautiful in ways you never saw before

So it makes it bright in the ways of light
So now you know the ways of night
Even though astronauts found out the moon is bumpy
The night is still smooth

Even though you know monsters don’t exist
It still helps you to sleep

Author: K L

Just having a human experience like everyone else.

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