you’re wrong. I’m right.

I want to scream you wrong
But who wants this?

a voice that would say she is me
Claim my lips my heart and limbs

I am watching her

She is a simultude
so many words. a handless glove
That is reaching

Desperate & frightened

What is her plan of attack?
She claims none. Has only piety
Only principles
Only conscience

I want to tear your kindness limb from limb
Expose its pretence
That you are just another desperate variation of this
Lifeless construct claiming your name

As it claims my own

It is with so much eagerness that we desire to despise
With poetry
And affection
With concern for others


I have hidden so similarly

So I know
That this
That calls your mask false

is all the same (my own)

I wrap myself in this pretty word hypocrisy

Upset at your false display of humanity:
Ventriloquism my bequest 

Author: K L

Just having a human experience like everyone else.

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