x amount zero

less expensive clothing suits me
when I am pajama clad in shadows

See here child: I have made space for this
Astonishingly persistent emotion
With a quixotical notion:

It hasn’t happened. Isn’t happening. Lives somewhere else.

I don’t know. It is a glimmer in the corner of my eye
How do I describe?

You are filled with this belief that this ANGER
Is you
This fear. That too;

so much laying on the ground these outfits
I contemplate them
(though I never counted myself a role)

Still look at me.
Defining me
(by what I’m not)

I have room for your expression
I’ve cleared out closet space
Hang your jackets here my darling

They will whisp like the gossamer they are
Cotton candy on the tongue. They shrink

Christ never even saw them
When there is nothing to forgive

I remember!

It was another me. Finding this space,
Through a crack in the dimensions
Flitting in to rise up
Like water does when you remove the rock

But I am flowing still

keep flowing still.

Only what we believe can dam/n us

(and I don’t believe a thing)

Author: K L

Just having a human experience like everyone else.

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