I close in
Like a flower in the rain

I was gasping for the clouds in this heat
Displayed all bright colours along the fence line

Waiting to be admired


Behold and see: what a universe awaits true seeing
What an AWAKENING awaits this perceiving

I cast it as a gentle spell to scent the alleyway

And many walked past and found

A delight as I was ever reaching

But I could no more grow this seed in them
Than the sun can

I could no more throw this seed

Than the rain can

Curled up. Fallow.

Walking earth.

So I am closing. I am sighing. I am finding
This hanging so much more lovely
Close to my own garden
Bright in the same sun
Cooled by the same rain
Magnificent all the same

Complete without completing

Author: K L

Just having a human experience like everyone else.

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