a mirror

Can I cry and be broken?
Can we break and be a sound?

Can I dream and be wasted? Can I walk on uneven ground?

I am caught in every web you push out
You think I am to be this,
A puppet,
: I am what you think I am

I dance a moment
Forgetting I am not the marionette you named me

So easy to take each other and plaster these
Definitions of “other” and “not me” on

You. Are. Not. Me.

You. Are. En e my

so easy to bestow and accept the title of other

So easy to dream this dream a nightmare

Let me just accept your definition
Let me just accept your punishment

Let it wash over me like all the rain of your tears

This fight you’ve been fighting so long
May it drown my voice and fill your cup

A sacrifice to little gods

A gollum, I submit


See: I am all joy every spark and sunshine
I am this torrential storm of night sky
I huddle in, what is

What is not, is like a vapour

And I am running through these green fields

Just as bright as ever

Author: K L

Just having a human experience like everyone else.

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