a lifetime

It has been taking me a lifetime to become me
It has been taking me a lifetime to
Undo all that isn’t me
An inclination to be useful
Rather than restful
A desire to be dutiful
Rather than joyful

It took so few seconds of my lifetime
To undo a lifetime’s worth of voices
In my head

I undid them all at once
I waved a wand and said:
You are not me
Now all of you:

It seems so much like a lifetime
That I spent waking up.
It was just a moment seeing


…that I only have this one lifetime
And life is: breathtakingly fragile
So fragile that I will not spend another heartbeat
anyone else’s:


Nor will I keep: silent

I will shout (if I have a shout)
I will say nothing (when I have mind to)

And don’t mind me at all: I am absolutely not
Sharing my mind with any of you at all

This space is sacred

I need it quiet

So I can hear my own voice

Author: K L

Just having a human experience like everyone else.

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