no matter

I bring my hearbreak to this world
Place it down in the spring soil
(weather is sun)
-clouds are my coat-

Whispering I watch myself grow;
Slender shoots, tiny leaves. I gasp

I dreamed me | as a child
Not half so beautiful,
Not half so blessed,
I constructed paper flowers
Silk flowers
Fake dirt

Perfection imprisoned

in plastic I breathed through, like cellophane,
Hoping this romance
Would become me
And own me
And drown out the chaos

But these glossy images
Faded (magazines left out in the sun)

I am cracking at the edges,
I am more and more like a bowl of fruit
Left one day
Too long

I wilt like a real flower
It is no mind
I pay it no matter

To be this alive. Frail. I have
Viened petals. And the sunlight shines through them

There is still another bloom


And I catch the morning dew

I know

It is better to be real and vulnerable
Than ever was I in my ceramic imaginings

Author: K L

Just having a human experience like everyone else.

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