all my tears are also joy

There is this pressing down
That who I am needs to quit
That this BRIGHT needs to dim

But I am shining anyway

I am shining with the hope of the infinite
The dream of the eternal
The peace of a thousand supernovas

I am encased in this nebula
That tells me: listen

Life is always bright
It is always beautiful

When my mother died I was carried by her
In this feeling, I can only describe as: pink

It was warmth. It was comfort. It was completely her.

I did not believe in ghosts before this

You can not believe me in this

But I tell you for weeks this soundless all encompassing.
PRESENCE followed my every step. My every movement

I have hardly spoken of this

So I can tell you. Without a doubt. Without censor:

All life is love
And hope does not dissappoint

Author: K L

Just having a human experience like everyone else.

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