a message

The expanse finds its way into my throat
I am choking on the emptiness
Movement made for motion
Space made for form and feeling
I am inside my own sphere
I colour outside the lines
And expect admonition
Instead of what
The truth is
A brilliance
In stars
My head
A queen is here
A filament
And all she makes is all there is

Be brave dear one
Be brilliant
Hold close to life
Grasp the sweat in your hand of morning’s flowers
And retrieve the breath of evening dew

No sense can tame the nonsense in your mind
It isn’t

The you you aren’t will continue so long
As you close your eyes to the everything you are
Each moment

But what if?!
You ask

What nothing

Only is

So be

Because this question never ceases and it can find a million ways to ask
And you will never find the answer
To what is not. From what is.

Ask fear to solve fear and it will give you more of itself

Ask love to solve fear

And it will say we weren’t counting on you to be complete anyway

This is a world of half done. There is no shame in it
It is beautiful dear one
It is all
As are you

Author: K L

Just having a human experience like everyone else.

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