Verse 1

I stuck the first word down with my fingertips
But they were sticky

And it lifted off. So I placed it on my tongue

And swallowed it

The first word
And it was with God

And it was

The second word, much like the first, I straightened it. I painted it. I hung it up with another frame. Put it on the wall

Don’t worry. An earthquake in my skeleton

Shook it off the wall

Of my ribecage

That glass I swallowed also

The third word I looked at it. I remembered it. I wanted it

But it wasn’t me. I had already written my introductory paragraph

And it wasn’t me

And so the darkness didn’t comprehend it

It’s not too bad I found myself that letter


It’s not too bad I am that I am

I am recognising

This letter &

I won’t paste it anywhere

Because I haven’t had to tell the moon to shine

In so long

It just remembers

Author: K L

Just having a human experience like everyone else.

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