humans are mad

I am finding myself

Living seconds. Wasting moments.

Connected to the world

The collective

It is far too unconscious

I breath in the sickness. Of the mind

It tastes of fear and fight and the other

It tastes of panic and night and a horror


I know her name: she is unbecoming


A self without issue

Yet I have been


And it is joy

Joy is nothing special
All the world rejoices

Each flower sings

Do we humans wish to be special in our madness?

Is it not better to sing in this pit?

Gazing at the moon and stars

Is it not better to drown? -our faces

To the night sky,

Than to sink in the mud, never having

Breathed in the milkyway?

and maybe there will be a rising

and maybe it doesn’t matter

Author: K L

Just having a human experience like everyone else.

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