I am

this is the fifty-first time I’ve lived this life

-at least.

I am sitting in this moment near these books

As I have done fifty times before

I keep coming back

Layer upon layer of paint

I am keeping time

I am holding it in my hands.

I refuse to leave this | is my every dessert.

This place is so familiar. This body full of echoes.

I look to the end to see an end but I can only see this repetition

I come back to taste what I didn’t notice the first time

When I was distracted

I come back to be distracted by what I didn’t notice when I was tasting

And again to avoid a mistake and find peace.

And again to make a mistake and find love

I can’t stop painting this picture

It is only one small thing I am doing.in the endless things that are me

It is only one small life I am living

But it’s my favourite one

You’re all my favourites

Each of you

Let me look at you from every angle

A thousand mirrors I’ve set up

Each memory repeated reflected reflexive

Whatever it means I want to be it

I am never stopping being

Being is what I am

Author: K L

Just having a human experience like everyone else.

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