no other questions

we don’t see eye to eye

our eyes see only backwards

Clawing at our own brains we see ourselves


In the other

I don’t have words like your words

And I know you feel alone differently than I feel alone

But I can love you anyway

there is no agreement it doesn’t matter

Only this agreement. That I can love you anyway

we humans are never done and always undone

But we can love each other anyway .

A quiet tablespoon we give. A seldom mouth. An empty hand. A child I never met.

It is different and it is vast. It is princess and it is last

Don’t you know

And don’t you understand

But be the summer tree in fall and find the winter tree in spring

This moment we trade our sorrows and my heart is not big enough for this rejection

It is bigger it is all there is it swallows your fear full

Because love is the fear-eater

And I don’t know any other question

Author: K L

Just having a human experience like everyone else.

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