For you

I am the heart of the universe with you

A clear stream breaking over pebbles

rainbow scatters

See us in the sky paint the world a dream

I am


Heartbreaking universe for you

Our toes in the creek the shore a silver of long grass

I can’t be here because here is too fleeting

It’s too short and too beautiful this gasp of breath we call life

Even a full lifetime is too short. I beg you for an eternity on earth

Because I want to always place my hand upon your head and my arms around your chest

Little child don’t you know

I am all the stars in the sky laid upon the dirt for you

Willingly trampled on all eternity to spend this day on the shore with you

Brief summer day is life

I gladly pay every ounce and wimper for it

-every cut and sliver for it

Author: K L

Just having a human experience like everyone else.

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