a frenzied case

here is my joy it is speaking

Seldom finding a corner devoid it’s now


Hope. Hope. Hoping! – that I don’t find it and root it out. Pulling always tender leaves making way for all the minutia and magnificence of life

A prayer that is a worry disguised as certainty I cross my arms with

I make this frenzied case there is no space for joy to sacrifice the intellect

It manages to crucify and displace

Find me any other place!

Not here. Oh not ever. I have too many words to shove in I am too busy for you I’ll pretend the connection is SO SECURE

between my fear and the object of its horror

So shoving joy away -A presence knows and laughs-


There is no connection except what I manufacture in my mind. A life of peace is more terrifying than the fears I create to displace it.

Author: K L

Just having a human experience like everyone else.

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